The Man Who Lived Down The Street

This is for the man who lives down the street
Who’s living alone
It’s his poor attitude, my mother tells me
  His wife left him so long ago
And it was last Sunday, I saw him leave
And I wondered where he had to go
But now that it’s Wednesday
He hasn’t returned
Is his body somewhere in the snow

They tell me don’t worry, don’t say anything
Keep your thoughts to yourself
He’ll come back, just give him some time
He’s a capable man, we know
My face betrays me, my fist is clenched
I’m thinking he’s gone and I want to yell
That if it were me, oh i hope they’d see
That I’m a somebody worth giving some help
Oh I’m worried as hell

The news van is parked in front of his house
There’s a man going door to door
We all pretend we didn’t know that
He’s been missing, there’s blood on the floor
His sister is crying, oh how could it be
How’d he get himself into this mess
He never considered what neighbors might think
Rightly so, after family, there’s not much love left
Oh they told me, they told me

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Sweet Honey

Ooh honey, I love you.
I love you and I know it’s true.
Keep me in your pocket for rainy days.
Ooh honey, I love you.
You love me, lord, I know you do.
We’ll stick together any way.

Met me down by a river side
Loud enough that I caught your eye
And since we’ve been inseparable enough
Cautionary tales applied
I’ve never been much of a blushing bride
And yet we’ve got something that you’re proud of

They’ll tell us slow it down and breathe for awhile
But I know when I’ve picked up something good
The times are changing along with your clothes and hair style
But I’m still burning bright I’m firewood

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Val's Song

Lyrics By: Valerie Okamoto

Picking yourself up must’ve been hard
Thank you for helping me see
What real love must be
I’d be nothing without you by my side
Coaching guiding loving crazy light
Leading me through my wayward life

I hope you understand what you mean
When there’s nobody here to help me breathe
And I get lost on this winding road
It’s you I would follow back home

Tomorrow is never guaranteed
Let me convey this simply
All my love runs for you

I hope you understand what you mean
To every soul you’ve helped lead
And I can’t wait to see what you change next
For you I would max my bets

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Brit RodriguezComment

Forgive me for everything I've done
And what I'm about to do in the name of love
If you're my age maybe you'll understand
But right now is when you do what you can
At 23 can you give me something to feed my insecurities, I'm just a fiend for tragic words
If my skin was made to bleed I'll gladly give up all that you need, just promise me you'll love me when I'm 24

Oh ask me, are you looking for someone to love you tonight?

You're fool proof, you're silver and gold
I wish you could look past the fact that I do what I'm told
I make plans and I hold up the rules
Black and white don't scare me, but grey is new
And I've been meek, tender and mild just as much as you'll always be wild, please hear me when I say we can be good
Though we're so far apart in mind, a match like this is hard to find, you asked me if I could stay and I wished I could

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The Star

I used to dream about the planets, a cosmic lullaby
I used to pray at my bed, for a heavenly answer to my cries

There’s nothing that the universe can do for broken boys and girls, 
I’ll never get any closer to the sun

If I want more than Earth can give, I’ll have to admit I want it all
But gravity has got a hold on me, and stars are dead long before they fall

I’m here to say i couldn’t make it, I couldn’t ever break through
So at my death, if you could take them, I’ve left my dreams here just for you

If you want more than Earth can give, You’ll have to admit you want it all
And when gravity takes hold, you’ll see, that stars are dead long before they fall

Oh I was dead long before they saw

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