The Hunt

It’s a shame that we’ve spent up our time feeling like we could have it all.
When the sun came up we found our house was just the open ground.
And still I said if you want to build something I could help, you know?
But an hour after leaving all believing turned into a year ago.
Now he says in love with her. 
She looks just like the prey that he’s been hunting.
Oh, he says in love with her.
And I’m just passing through, I’m unwanted.
There could be no one like you, like us, we’re on the cusp of infamy.
Be it wicked ways or an endless phase, I like our history.
And if you let her take everything I’ve made, oh I’ll come back for you.
Stain the dirt beneath her feet, don’t you know that I’m a hunter too?

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Brit RodriguezComment
Who Says

I can never be sure
of anything anymore
Miles of back and forth
my feet hurt, my head hurts, my heart is sore

I don't want to be the one who says I don't

Faith is just an open wound
It's not my first time, I've been there too
I remember when we didn't get up before noon
and at night you'd promise me someday I'd have the moon

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Brit RodriguezComment
The Man Who Lived Down The Street

This is for the man who lives down the street
Who’s living alone
It’s his poor attitude, my mother tells me
  His wife left him so long ago
And it was last Sunday, I saw him leave
And I wondered where he had to go
But now that it’s Wednesday
He hasn’t returned
Is his body somewhere in the snow

They tell me don’t worry, don’t say anything
Keep your thoughts to yourself
He’ll come back, just give him some time
He’s a capable man, we know
My face betrays me, my fist is clenched
I’m thinking he’s gone and I want to yell
That if it were me, oh i hope they’d see
That I’m a somebody worth giving some help
Oh I’m worried as hell

The news van is parked in front of his house
There’s a man going door to door
We all pretend we didn’t know that
He’s been missing, there’s blood on the floor
His sister is crying, oh how could it be
How’d he get himself into this mess
He never considered what neighbors might think
Rightly so, after family, there’s not much love left
Oh they told me, they told me

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Brit RodriguezComment